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Support at university

If you are interested in going to university, but worried you may not fit in, CARG has an ongoing project focused on enhancing tertiary education success and retention through supportive peer mentorships.

Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program

The Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program (CSMP) is a specialised peer-support mentoring program specifically designed for Curtin students on the autism spectrum and related conditions.

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Related research

Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson

Transition to adulthood for young people on the autism spectrum

Research project

Young people and adults on the autism spectrum experience difficulty gaining and maintaining employment and often experience further restrictions in other domains of adult life. PhD student Craig Thompson is examining the process and experience of transition to adulthood for young people on the autism spectrum and their families.

The project has four studies:

  1. To explore the lived experience of the families of individuals with autism as the young person transitions to adulthood.
  2. To identify the viewpoints on barriers and facilitators to success at university for students with autism.
  3. To describe the context, mechanisms and outcomes of specialist peer mentoring for university students with autism.
  4. To describe the experiences of parents of university students involved in Curtin University’s Specialist Peer Mentoring Program.

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