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Community strengths-based activities studies

A team of researchers from the Curtin Autism Research Group (CARG) is looking for parents/carers of children with and without physical/cognitive/developmental/mental/behavioural conditions for two studies from April to July 2022. Study 1: Accessibility of community arts events for children with physical/cognitive/developmental/mental/behavioural conditions and their family (a teleconference interview/focus group with caregivers of children aged 0…

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Tele-TRANSITION© Program: An online program supporting transition to adulthood (2022)

A team of researchers from the Curtin Autism Research Group are looking for autistic adolescents and young adults to participate in a fully-online and free program designed to support the autistic individuals with their transition to adulthood, the Tele-TRANSITION©. The Tele-TRANSITION© program will cover information on adult life areas such as employment, education, finances, housing,…

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Content validity of assessment of functioning measures: Why it is important?

For a long time, researchers and clinicians have thought that assessment measures are assessing all the things they need to (called content validity). However, some CARG researchers have compared common measures of functioning to the World Health Organization’s ICF and have found that some measures are better at assessing the things they need to than…

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Flexible working arrangements study

A team of researchers from the Curtin Autism Research Group is looking for autistic adults with flexible working arrangements experience and employers or line managers with experience in providing flexible working arrangements for autistic adults. This study aims to develop an employment support tool to facilitate successful employment outcomes for autistic adults in a flexible…

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Sense and Sensitivity Exhibition

This exhibition Sense and Sensitivity: Immerse yourself in a sensory world will showcase the work of two neurodiverse artists from 17 November to 15 December 2021 at John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University.  Perth-based landscape photographer Simon Philips and Singapore-based musician and performance artist Dawn-Joy Leong joined creative forces to produce a series of sensory stories…

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