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Strength-based coding clubs benefit autistic teenagers

Recent evidence suggests that strengths-based programs with activities tailored to focus on strengths and interests of autistic students may support them to develop their skills and realise their own potential leading to meaningful employment. In a recent study, Dr Elinda Lee and her colleagues from the Curtin Autism Research Group have found that autistic teenagers…

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Neurodiverse School Holiday Program

Firetech is launching two school holiday courses this April for neurodiverse students, please use the links below for booking or for more information. Video Game Design (2 Days) Coding with Python (2 Days) View flyer  

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Support Group for Parents of Young Adults with Autism

This recently formed group is for parents of young people with autism in their final year of school, or those having recently left school, up to age 25. We meet for an hour once a month at Curtin University to discuss programmed topics centred around how to support our young people during the time of…

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Curtin Research Team Award

The Curtin Autism Research Group (CARG) has won the Curtin Research Group of the Year. The Award is given for “Recognition of a team that supports inclusive behaviours, fosters research performance, increases collaboration across Curtin and with external partners and has achieved an exceptional outcome”. Congratulations to all members of CARG for this wonderful achievement!

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Strengths-based Policy Brief

Autistica in UK has released the strengths-based action briefing,  a work in partnership with the Curtin Autism Research Group and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, explaining why both strengths and challenges should be looked at when assessing autistic people’s needs. View Strengths-based Action Briefing

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