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Support at school

Attending school is important for any child. However, for children with autism, school may not always be a positive experience. Our research in this area aims to work with schools to support the inclusion of children with autism through building culture and capacity, increasing knowledge, and developing school-based interventions.

Related research

Jia White
Jia White

Transition planning through work experience for students on the autism spectrum

PhD project

Jia White will utilize her background in education and curriculum development to develop a program to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to more effectively transition from school to adult activities. Transitions can be demanding and challenging for students with ASD often resulting in a lower quality of life. Work experience, with rich peer interactions, is a well-known method of support for students to successful transition into post school activities and ultimately meaningful occupation. This proposed project aims to develop strategies for the inclusion of work experience in the early stages of transition planning for secondary students on the autism spectrum. Peer-mentoring will be a central focus of the project to contribute to the students’ sense of belonging in the school community. The goal of the project is to support students as well as their parents and teachers, identifying strengths, interests and preferences for post-secondary pursuits through work experiences and peer mentoring

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